Creative Decorating - Holiday Edition - Volume 3

Creative Decorating - Holiday Edition - Volume 3

So guys, I hope you can agree with me here that certain foods can serve a dual purpose. Like cranberries, for instance. I'm absolutely positive you've seen table decorations made with cranberries, especially around Thanksgiving time. Well, I think cranberries give such a nice pop of color that they can and should be used more than on one occasion, past Thanksgiving Holiday that is. 

I think they're so easy to implement into your decor because you don't have to prepare them in any special way. In fact, use them as they come, straight from the packaging - no need to wash them as they're sold pre-washed. You can reuse them after and make a delicious dessert or toss'em if they start to show signs of aging. Those signs would be dimples and wrinkles. But no worries, they do last a long time at room temperature.


Cranberries are such beautiful berries - their redness is just perfect for the Holiday decor. It's so Christmas'y! You can absolutely do what I did here or go ahead and improvise even more and create something totally different.

You can create your own DIY Candle Holders if you have none and want something original, or the candle holders you have are not for the thin candles (candlesticks), or what you already have doesn't give a holiday vibe.



Take as many drinking glasses as you want to spare to turn into candle holders. The best part about this is that after the December Holidays are over you can take all this apart in less than a minute, throw out the berries and load all the glasses in the dishwasher. Glasses will have wax residue from the candles and should be washed in hot water. AND you don't have to think about storage for them - problem solved! Because the candle holders were temporary. Such easy setup and cleanup, it's amazing! Oh, and if you're putting cranberries in some delicious recipe afterwards, do wash them.


First, put a candlestick in the glass, and as you hold the candle with one hand pour the cranberries in the glass using your other hand. Arrange them around the candle at the height you desire. If you want to fill up the glass to the brim, go ahead. If you like the glass-half-full look (or, if pessimists are reading, I should use the term glass-half-empty ;), go ahead with that look. You're the boss! Either way, maintain your one hand on the candle until you're finished putting in the berries in order to keep the candle balanced and not leaning towards one side in the end result. 


DINING TABLE. You can display them in a row of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc.! Depending on how big your dining room table is. Or display them as a quad (for Advent, 4 candles = 4 weeks) to form a square if you know what I mean. If not, comment below and I'll explain. They will look absolutely amazing on a plain (as in naked) table if you're going for the minimalism look, or on the table runner sprinkled with pieces of evergreen clippings from outside. Or place one in front of each guest's plate. Imagine, when lit, how beautiful they'll look. Lit! (if you get the reference)

SHELF. Put some festive candle holders on your shelves instead of the elf on the shelf :) Place a couple of them on the open shelf, not a bookcase shelf. You don't have to light them, but they'll sure look nice. Assuming there's no clutter on that shelf, otherwise it defeats the purpose to accessorize the shelf. You don't accessorize clutter. I just had to say that. I'm no-way-Jose about clutter.

MANTEL. I can totally see these gorgeous candle holders up on your fireplace mantel. Place, say, 3 of them on one side or in the middle. Work it out with the rest of the items depending on what you already have going on there and style it well!

COFFEE TABLE. You can definitely light these up and enjoy them while you watch a movie curled up on the couch.

IMG_1212 resized.jpg

The other way to use cranberries for that beautiful pop of red in your Holiday decor if you don't want to give up any of your drinking glasses is to create one big candle holder. The fatter the candle the better. Why? Well, it's because it looks better. Bigger IS better in this case because we're trying to create a centerpiece, an accent piece, a decor piece that will look nice and be different from what's sold at stores. Do they sell this at stores? With real cranberries? Don't think so. And did I mention all of this is budget-friendly? Very friendly.


I'm sure you have candles at home. I'm sure you can make it work with what you have. Or you can go buy them if you don't have enough of the same color candlesticks or just plain don't have enough to complete the look you want. Candlesticks are inexpensive. Think dollar store. And I believe they sell regular size candles as well. But obviously you can do this with fancier candles as well, like scented candles, more expensive candles than a dollar store, it doesn't matter where they come from as long as you love'em.

So to create one large candle holder, use a clear vase. I love using cylinder-shaped vases just because I want a more modern-ish look. And I also love using huge glass bowls. It could be a Pyrex or no-name bowl, you get my point. Here, the technique is different, but easy as well. Just a few tips to point out - if you have a short candle, place a cup upside down or something inside the bowl first, then place the candle on top of it, then pour in the cranberries. Your candle will immediately look taller, longer. The cup serves as the invisible foundation. Make sure it IS invisible :)


Here too, the cranberry level is up to you. However you like it to look like - more full, less full, half-full. No rules! Only if you're using the trick to elevate a short candle be sure to hide that foundation.

Get inspired and make your own beautiful holiday decor! Easy, simple, fast and inexpensive. 



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