It all started when...

I don't even know when it started. Being honest. I was doing it without even knowing I had it in me. But I was in denial, I guess. I was busy in other areas: retail sales, caregiver, nanny, paralegal. And one day you just have an epiphany - is this my gift, my talent, my strength, hobby, passion, love... All of those?  All of those.

How come I never get tired of doing this... I suppose I could do it in my sleep, that's how much I love it! Well, maybe not asleep but you get the point. I could do it even if I were tired, sleepy, hungry. And I've done it. And without pay. I don't know why, but my mind just comes up with these ideas, my feet start walking towards that area, whatever that is, and my hands start rearranging stuff. I hear a familiar voice asking, are we moving? Another familiar voice answers, no, mom is rearranging the rooms. Again. I guess, when you can't help yourself you need to help others. Help others create beautiful spaces. To live in and to sell.

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