Prolong the Holidays

So we blinked and it's the New Year's Eve already. Holidays come and go. Just like that. It's true that the preparation for the holidays is much longer than the actual holidays themselves. This whole time up until Christmas was spent getting into the spirit and then it all went by in a day and a half. Well, why not keep that holiday spirit around a bit longer?.. Prolong the holiday season...

Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping

Sometimes, I think my gift is gift wrapping. I find it therapeutic. I enjoy putting some love into it and wrapping it up in style. I try to go for unique. Not a fan of cookie cutter, boring vanilla, no-thought-was-put-into-it, slap & go gift wrap. And don't get me started on the plastic bows! Cringing. Make a beeline to the trash can with your half-deflated, depressed plastic bow. It's a fact: classy wrapping is expensive and affordable wrapping is tacky. TACKY. I'm not screaming, just wanted to put it in caps.

Creative Decorating - Holiday Edition - Volume 5

Welcome to Creative Decorating - Holiday Edition Vol.5! Honestly, I don't know how many more I'll do but I still have lots to share with you. Today I'll give you some helpful tips on how to creatively hang your Christmas stockings and Christmas socks on display. I will also show you how to make yet another centerpiece and how to decorate your dining room chairs.